Do you want to receive a promotional coupon for any report available at and have the possibility to publish free ads?

Now it is possible!

You only need to update the data about your company concerning the employment and turnover. It will only take 5 minutes.

  • Why it is worth doing?

    Because is monthly visited by hundreds of thousands of Internet users who are looking for information about Polish companies and very often, basing on information contained in our website, decide to initiate, continue or reject cooperation with other companies.

    Due to update of data about your company, you can influence the assessment of your company in the eyes of your current and potential customers. With us you can get the information to those who seek it! In addition, in exchange for the updating of data, you will get a promotional coupon for any report available in our service and the right to place an advertisement in a well-known and objective media.

  • How to update the data about your company?

    • Find your company
    • Fill out the survey - select the range of employment and turnover and submit the proposed content of the advertisement, so-called “own data about the company”
    • Wait for the information to be published (data verification takes 12 working hours tops)
    • Receive an e-mail with confirmation that the data was published and a promotional coupon for a report