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Servex sp. z o.o. w likwidacji

(Crefo: 9410608425)
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ul. Palacza 13, 60-242 Poznań , Poland


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All the clients who order the solvency assessment will obtain:

1) The complete report on the company including the solvency index and probability of default

2) The solvency certificate in three languages (Polish, German and English) if the solvency of the company is assessed as: excellent, very good or good.

a) Three copies in png format
b) Six banners of various sizes to be placed at the website with a link leading to the certificate displayed on (example)

The benefits of having the certificate:
  • strong position in negotiations with business partners
  • increase of the prestige of the company thanks to the international scope and recognition of the certificate
  • confirmation of the good condition of the company

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Servex sp. z o.o. w likwidacji(crefo: 9410608425)
ul. Palacza 13, 60-242 Poznań Poland 27872,VAT no.: 7792048539
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