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SUDER PLUS Sp. z o.o.

(Crefo: 9410254807)
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ul. Pułkownika Stanisława Dąbka 13, 30-732 Kraków , Poland


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Limited liability company
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Wholesale and retail sale of spare parts for trucks, trailers and semitrailers (until 2012 the company also conducted the activities related to the organization of events, training courses and conferences, this activity has been transferred to the company MINOGA PAŁAC Sp. z o.o., ul. Częstochowska 6, 32-085 Modlnica).
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Creditreform Polska certifies, that the company:
SUDER PLUS Sp. z o.o.
Tax number 923-139-02-24
according to the analysis prepared on
was granted the Insolvency Index amounting to:
very good payment capability
The solvency indices of Creditreform:
100 - 199 = excellent payment capability 200 - 249 = very good payment capability 250 - 299 = good payment capability 300 - 349 = satisfactory, average payment capability 350 - 399 = weak payment capability 400 - 499 = very weak payment capability 500 = unsatisfactory payment capability 600 = lack of payment capability
Creditreform Polska Sp. z o. o. 01-612 Warszawa, ul. Mysłowicka 14A, phone: 022 / 440 15 00, fax: 022 / 440 15 06,, Tax number PL5260209320, Regon number 010597579, share capital 670 000 PLN
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