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Company AL-HAL sp. z o.o.

(Crefo: 9413756305)
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ul. Fabryczna 2, 42-660 Kalety , Poland
Contact details
Phone 34 3577685
Fax 34 3577120
E-mail al.hal@poczta.fm
Commercial Registry (KRS) data:



VAT no.




Legal form
Limited liability company
Registration date
Establishment Date
If one man board – Member of the board of directors individually If numerous managers – Two members of the board of directors jointly or member of the board of directors and proxy jointly
Łucja Maria Maruszczyk - president
Joanna Bieniek - member of board of directors
Bernard Adam Wiśniewski - member of board of directors
Renata Joanna Gajda - member of board of directors
Info about the company
Solvency Certificate
Payment arrears
Information about the company
Activity of the company
Manufacture of door and windows of plastic and aluminium.
Other information

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