Best evaluated companies
June 2024
Place Rating Name of the company
1 134 Swiss Krono sp. z o.o.
2 136 Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów ...
3 137 Portos TR7 sp. z o.o.
4 137 CMC Poland sp. z o.o.
5 140 Canpack Food And Industrial P...


  • – company database and NCR search engine in one place is the largest online company database which allows not only to check addresses of companies and data available in NCR online (National Court Register) for free. is a service which allows to purchase reports on companies and check their creditworthiness. Service, which constitutes now a database of about 2.5 million Polish companies, was founded in 2010 by the international credit information agency Creditreform, which collects information about companies and assesses their creditworthiness.
  • Company search engine - search by NCR, VAT, ID and Crefo numbers

    Thanks to the company search engine located on every subpage of the service, users can search for companies by name, address, legal form, NCR, VAT, ID and Crefo numbers. Apart from the search engine, there is also another tool for finding companies available on the home page (below) - a list of companies arranged by codes of the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD) and the place.
  • Products available on – what does our search engine offer

    • free contact information and addresses of companies, data from the National Court Register or from the Register of Business Activity,
    • online reports - ready reports on companies available in three variants: Mini, Shortened, Standard. There is also a possibility to configure your own report (purchase only the needed data),
    • offline reports (fully updated reports) – these are reports prepared by the employees of the international credit information agency Creditreform for those clients who have not found a particular company in the service or the available data do not meet their expectations as far as the update is concerned. Offline updated reports are made even on the same day within 8 hours.
    • Benachrichtigung über Änderungen - es ist ein kostenloses Produkt für Kunden, die Interesse an Informationen über die Änderungen in den ausgewählten Firmen haben.
  • What information can be found in our database companies and where they came from?

    Company database contains information from the public and readily available sources. The data from the National Court Register and from the Register of Business Activity are of key importance, which is supplemented by data gathered through interviews conducted by Creditreform. The content of the reports available on depends on their type (mini, shortened, standard - full description and examples of reports is available on the subpage offer). A standard report includes:
    • formelle und rechtliche Informationen (Adresse, Kontaktdaten, Daten aus dem staatlichen Gerichtsregister oder Gewerberegister mit einer vollen Geschichte der Änderungen)
    • information about current and historical organizational structure
    • data on the financial situation (financial data for the last four years, financial analysis, financial ratios)
    • data on capital and personal relations
    • information about the current / historical court proceedings
    • information about the current/historical debt collection procedures (for Creditreform members)
    • current and historical industry ratios of GUS (Central Statistical Office) which enable the comparison of a company with an industry
    • aktuelle Informationen aus dem Pressemonitoring (Pläne, Investitionen, Projekte)
    • information from other company databases