Report on company

A report on a company (a report about the creditworthiness, a commercial report, a business report) is a product that allows you to assess the condition of existing and potential business partners. It is a product, which in addition to general formal and legal information, available in official sources, assesses the credibility of the company and its ability to pay its bligations (in particular according to the payment method and creditworthiness).

  • The basic division of the reports on companies offered on

    • Online - already prepared reports on companies in the following versions: -Mini -Shortened -Standard -there is also an opportunity to purchase some selected data - a configurable report.
    • Offline - these are reports on companies ordered by a client in the case when a selected company is not available in our service or when the reports available online are not updated and do not meet the client’s expectations. Offline reports contain all the information about the company which on that day are possible to obtain by the credit information agency Creditreform. The preparation of an offline report involves not only the work of the experts evaluating a given company but also the work of correspondents located throughout the country who collect and verify information about the subject company. The methodology of the work related with the preparation of an offline report involves a preparation of a standard report (a detailed description and an example below). Possible modes (periods) of the preparation of reports are: 5 days, 4 days, 3 days, 2 days, 8 hours.
  • Detailed description of the reports and examples is listed below

    This is a customizable report, the contents of which depends on your preference.

    Mini reports

    Report example

    The mini report is an inexpensive and quick source of essential information on a company. It allows to confirm the existence of the company, initially estimate the size of the company and check information about the owners. You may gain the following information from this report:

    • Who is the company’s owner
    • What is the scale of the company’s activity (annual sales, number of employees, value of the company’s assets)
    • When did the company start its actual activity
    • Registration data (from ational Court Register /KRS/)

    Basic reports

    Report example

    The abbreviated report is a compact set of most important information about a company. As a brief set of fundamental information, it is a favorable (regarding price) alternative for the standard reports.

    The abbreviated report contains:

    • basic evaluation of payment capability based on proven methodology of Creditreform, as well as
    • analysis of the company’s development during last years (annual sales, profits, number of employees, fundamental positions in the balance sheet)
    • presentation of general trends in financial ratios of the company
    • actual beginning of the activity and previous names of the investigated company
    • registration data (from ational Court Register /KRS/)
    • All data included in the MINI report

    Standard reports

    Report example

    The standard report is an extensive report of the international credit reporting agency Creditreform, containing complete available information on a company. This is a basic tool of reduction of the risk connected with cooperation between business entities. Cost of this report is incommensurably low in comparison with potential losses in case of lack of sufficient information about the contractor.

    The offered standard report about the selected company includes:

    • complete evaluation of a company (rating):
      • Payment Capability Index (precise rating based on a proven methodology of Creditreform, indicating complete situation of a company in a form of an index within the scale: 100 - 600)
      • evaluation of a company’s situation and development
      • estimation of recommended credit limit
    • complete financial statement from previous years
    • financial analysis (ratio analysis) of the company in comparison with the branch
    • personal and capital connections – shares of a company in other subjects and relations of members of the board of directors with other companies
    • extended information – e.g. real estate, banks, investments, contractors, etc. as well as comment of Creditreform on the requested company
    • complete registration data (from National Court Register /KRS/)
    • content of Mini and Abbreviated repots
  • Keeping the data available in the report updated

    We are honest, so we try to do everything to ensure that our clients make conscious decisions about the purchase of our products. Therefore, we enable our clients to familiarize themselves with the content of the report and the updated data before making a purchase. The updated data and the detailed content of the report can be checked by searching for the company and clicking on

  • How to order a report on a company?

    Online report Offline report
    1. Search for a company
    2. Select one of the already prepared reports: Mini, Shortened, Standard or select the data which you would like to buy in the scope of a configurative report.
    3. Click on buy and follow the further instructions.
    1. Search for a company.
    2. Click on next in the field ‘standard updated offline report’ (in the case of the lack of a company in our service, the window for ordering a report will appear after a failed attempt automatically.
    3. Follow the further instructions