• The report on the company is the perfect tool for customers to verify the creditworthiness:

    • companies with which they work or want to cooperate
    • a potential employer
    • a developer
    • a travel agency
  • Examples of the use of commercial reports from

    Mini reports

    Report example
    You are discussing cooperation with an unknown to you company e.g. "Big International Company Polska Sp. z o.o.". Attractive website, as well as the company’s representatives suggesting, that this is a big international corporation. Anyway, to be sure, you download MINI report through Thanks to this, you find that this company has been acting for just a couple of months, employs 1 employee, capital estimates only 5 thousand PLN and shareholders of this company occur to be persons known to you as rather unreliable. You resign the cooperation. You save time and prevent yourself from potential (high) losses.

    Basic reports

    Report example
    You have a chance for transaction of the year with your customer. Before you make a decision about signing the contract, you need reliable and complete information about your customer’s situation and credit capability. Time is pressing and the customer expects a quick decision. You download an Abbreviated report through In a brief and legible report you receive all data essential for making a quick decision. Evaluation of the company is positive, suggested credit allows signing the agreement. The contract is yours!

    Standard reports

    Report example
    • Identification of financial situation of a new customer
    • monitoring of situation of the competition or  a regular customer
    • checking of own condition by ordering a report about own company (how can others see my company)
    • checking of a company’s credibility before signing a contract
    • verification of information given by a company  (e.g. taking part in a bidding)
    • risk limitation in contacts with a particular company
    • gathering information on a future employer